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1. How Far Was the Financials Crisis Responsible for the Outbreak of the Revolution? Essay

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  • on August 6, 2015
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Below is an essay on "1. How Far Was the Financials Crisis Responsible for the Outbreak of the Revolution?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.





1. How far was the financials crisis responsible for the outbreak of the revolution?
2. How and with what results did the Civil Constitution of the Clergy a turning point in the support base of the revolution?
3. “It was more the weakness of the Directory than the character and ability of Napoleon that led to his rise in power”. Discuss.
4. Compare and contrast the contribution of Prussia and Russia to the deaf of Napoleon.
5. Asses the contribution of the Reign of Terror in saving the revolution from the force of reaction both inside and outside France.
6. Who contribution most to the crises of 1789 in France on incompetent King, an ambition nobility or poor harvest.
7. How was Louis XVI responsible for the failure of moderate reform policies in France from 1789 – 1793?
8. Which groups benefited and which ones suffered from the chances in the social structure of France during 1789 – 1799?
9. How successful did the Directory deals with the internal and external problems of France (1795 – 1799).
10. “Progressive gets dictatorial” Discuss with reference to Napoleon 1.
11. How and what effect did Napoleon control the whole of Europe.
Answer: Use of diplomacy, Dynastic policy, Continental system, Intermarriages, use military.
12. How that, Napoleon justified borrowed aspect from Ancient Regime and Revolution ideals.
13. Examine the role played by Robespierre in the French Revolution.
14. Asses the relative importance of Austria, Russia and Britain’s contributions in bringing about the downfall of Napoleon.
15. What does the “Congress System” reveal about the aims and problems of the major European powers between 1815 and 1822?
16. Domestic not foreign issues were the cause of the fall of the Orleanist monarchy in 1848.
17. To what extent was Napoleon 3 a success at home and a failure abroad?
18. “It was not what he did but all that he failed to do that brought about his fall”...

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