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1984 Essay

  • Submitted by: JMTews
  • on November 12, 2012
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Below is an essay on "1984" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Forget the Past, Move Forward with the Future!
This thin, this pile of rebellion and disgust. This so called book is not worth saving. It must be sent down the nearest memory hole at once!
I believe the thought police are doing our society well by staying loyal to our loved Big Brother.   These humans I once knew as “comrades” are now lower than those dirty proles.   They mean nothing to me; let the Thought Police do whatever they like with them.   Onto this “poorly written novel”, If you proles want to move on into the future, burn this book!   If you save it, you will be forever living in the past, creating an even worse life for the next proles.   This book is simply teaching readers how to break rules, there is no other conflict.   If one breaks the rules, one will be punished and just as in the book.   They will be sent back to their original ways; loving Big Brother and never defying the rules again.
Why read this rebellious rubbish when you can listen to Big Brother.   Better yet, you can see him and feel his presence; unlike in the book. There is no sensory detail.   This novel is a bunch of lines compiled with opinion after opinion.   Mind you, these opinions are coming from a man who doesn’t even know what he believes in anymore.   He is in a love-hate-relation-ship with Big Brother, he admitted, before he died, that he had loved Big Brother the whole time.   He couldn’t deny it any longer.
The sex and violence added into this piece of unliterature are solely for the purpose of pleasure and desire.   It is put in to arouse members of the party and spark their curiosity.   Surely we don’t want future generations to be producing more than we can care for; we want our society to run just like this forever.   Love impairs a functioning human being.   Love affected Winston, “…he was to stunned even to throw the incriminating thin in the memory hole.” (90)   Any normal being would have known instinctually to just throw it in the memory hole without even reading it.   Even...

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