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1984 Essay

  • Submitted by: henryt1993
  • on November 13, 2012
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What are the four Ministries? What does the ministry do? What roles does the ministry make up the government? What affect do the Ministries have on the Oceania’s citizens? These four ministries are a major a major part of the Oceania citizens lives. Big Brother uses these ministries to create what he thinks is a perfect government.
Ministry of peace wanted the Oceania citizens to think that they were always at war with someone. Since Oceania finished the war against Eurasia, they started another war against East Asia. To make sure that the people believe that there was a war going on. They would do things to their city like bomb their own city; Oceania did theses things just to scare the them. Everyone was afraid because of the bombing's, this caused people to believed that there was a war going on. The Party's would just say that they are in war just to make things interesting in Oceania. Oceania wanted to have Eurasia and East Asia against each other and start a war. Knowing that Oceania is at war will make them depend on their government more. This is a good way to make sure that they keep their control. This is how they use the slogan War Is Peace is used.
Ministry of love is were they torture people. Big Brother would say that they torture people but in fact, Big Brother wants to help others to believe in the right things. Oceania Government want to make sure that people do the rite thing and do not think about getting rid of Big Brother. To make sure that this does not happen involves making sure that they do not side with Emmanuel Goldstein. He known’s a lot of information about Big Brother. The Ministry Of Love is held in a building like a prison. This place has no windows and has barbed wire around it. It has barbed wire around the building because they want to make sure that people from Oceania do not escape until it is ok with Big Brother for them to continue on living in Oceania. In the ministry, Big Brother make sure that people do not try to go...

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