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1st Flight Experience Essay

  • Submitted by: chopchop123
  • on September 20, 2012
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My First Time on the Airplane
On April 19 from three year ago was the first time I experienced a fight. I had many difficulties that making me nervous and scare. Vietnam is far away from here so I took two hops to come to the United States of America and had been spent one and a half day on that flight. However, it was a nice trip that I could not forget until now.
Inside the airport, it was so beautiful and modernistic; all the difficulties began when I got there. I was carrying full packs of food and clothes with a strange look. I remember started to look around me, from left to right, up to down. It seemed like I was an alien because everything here was new to me. I was looking for the checking desk to send the luggage. I found the check in line. That was a long line with full of languages surrounding. Standing in the line, I was really confused about the formality papers because I have no idea what I was supposed to do. I was looking around with a pressing pair of eyes for help. However, I found a nice Vietnamese American who was standing behind me. I was very happy to make his acquaintance. His Vietnamese name is Trung. He did not only speak in English very well, but also he could speak in Vietnamese. He seemed to be my guide during the flight. Finally, my nervous was reduced since I met him.
Now it was eleven o’clock, it was almost time to flight; a big airplane which was named Korean Air slowly came to my place. It was designed blue on the top and white at the bottom. I went to the economy gate and gave a flight attendant to get into the plane. There was an aisle in the middle divided the plane into two seat rows from head two tail. Next the pretty flight attendants came to make sure every one seat belt on correctly before we flew. At the present time, I was very excited as the airplane was approaching the airline. I could feel the speed went up every moment. I heard something was buzzing in my ears. When I looked through the windows of the plane, all...

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