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20th Century Poetry Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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Background of history:

After the Victorian age (1850-1900) followed the 20th century literature. The Victorian age was the one, covering the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The Victorian age was marked by great political change, social and economic change. The British Empire recovered from the loss of the American colonies and entered a period of rapid expansion. There was industrialization and mechanization. Four things stood out clearly:
    ➢ Democracy was the established order of the day in England.
    ➢ There was profound social unrest.
    ➢ I was the age of comparative peace.
    ➢ There was rapid progress in all the arts, sciences and mechanical inventions.

Literary Characteristics:

There was Romantic revival. England entered a new free period in which, every form of literature struggled for expression. It was more an age of prose, though there were many great poets like Alfred Tennyson, Sir Galahad, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Rossetti, Morris, and Swinburne. This age was considered as an age of doubt, pessimism and lacking in great ideas. To summarize the main characteristics:

    ➢ Literature in this age came very close to daily life, reflecting practical problems.
    ➢ All the poets were moral teachers i.e. tendency of literature was strongly ethical.
    ➢ Science exercised an incalculable influence i.e. the works of imagination were discouraged.
    ➢ It was fundamentally an idealistic age though characterized as practical and materialistic.

Major Poetic works:

Alfred Tennyson

  1. The Princess, a medley (1847)
  2. Maud (1855)
  3. In memoriam
  4. The Idylls of the king
  5. English Idylls
  6. Ballads
  7. Demeter
Robert Browning
  1. Dramatic lyrics
  2. Dramatic Romances any lyrics
  3. Men and Women
  4. Dramatis Personae
  5. Bells and Pomegranate Series
  6. The Ring and the Book
  7. Fifine at the fair
  8. Red Cotton Night-Cap Country...

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