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21st Century Essay

  • Submitted by: darnise
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Supreme Green
EDU 210
October 11, 2013
Bryce Budoff
                                          Students in the 21st Century
      For my observation, I attended a high school football game.   On this particular night it was the homecoming for the school I had once attended. I was very excited and eager to see the changes of the school and the different attitudes of the students that attends   now. When glancing through the crowds,   there was an array of different age groups. Their were elementary age children, middle school, high school students and an large   mount of alumni, including my self. With such a big group of attendance, I was able to focus my observation on a small group of high school boys and girls that had just   recently graduated from the school. They were excited like everyone to see if our school would finally win their homecoming game and to support the school.
        As I begin to observe this group,   I glanced around at the clothing and body art of the students. Now mind you it is an evening game.   You could   see a large number of people wearing the school colors which are red, white and blue. I had on my colors too but was bundled up with   blanket wrapped around me. But these kids were wearing close to nothing at all. The girls had on mid drift blouses , very small shorts and tennis shoes. The boys wore baseball hats, jerseys and skinny jeans that fell way below their butts. And yes, all of these students had at least one tattoo or body piercing on their bodies.
          In   further observing them, their communication styles it is what I expected. They were extremely loud when they spoke to each other, that you could hear everything they were saying. They used a lot of slang words, like “my nigga”, “that's hood”, “ my homie”. But the one that surprised me the most was how they referred to each other by saying “bitch”. I   personally would have found that offensive, but that   shows how time has really changed. When they were not talking...

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