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245 Hiv Essay

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HIV/AIDS Inequality:

August 28, 2013

HIV/AIDS Inequality
The article under review is titled “HIV/AIDS Inequality: Structural Barriers to Prevention, Treatment, and Care in Communities of Color” and was prepared for the Center for American Progress by Russell Robinson and Aisha C. Moodie-Mills. The following article is focused on the issue of the existing discrepancy between the availability of proper healthcare for different population groups and communities and offers the approach to eliminate this problem.
It is claimed in the article that the racial disparities of HIV epidemic can be proved by the fact that 44 percent of all virus positive constitute African-Americans while Latinos are three times more likely to face the HIV infection than the whites. In addition, sexual minorities are also more vulnerable to HIV. Although, the administration of Obama has already addressed these disparities, they are not eliminated yet as well as misconceptions about their causes are still common. Authors explain that some may believe African Americans are less responsible in their relationships with the opposite sex but there are no reputable and scientifically proved studies that could prove this assumption. In fact, the rates of HIV/AIDS strongly correlate with rates of poverty and other social conditions, including the effectiveness of the healthcare system.
The article provides the national perspective about AIDS, arguing that reducing the scale of the problem is possible only by means of improving the well-being of diverse layers of the population and “promoting healthy equity.” (Robinson, and Moodie-Mills ) It is stated that the to create comprehensive interventions, capable of benefitting racial minorities and people with low financial support, the focus should be placed on structural social conditions that stand for the high rates of AIDS. Subsequently, main domains that should be reframed and improved are education, immigration, housing discrimination and...

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