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5 Year Plan Prison

  • Submitted by: coltmister
  • on September 19, 2012
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Five Year Plan

              My Five year plan consists of a few simple ideas but more hard tasks. Year one I plan to do my very best in my junior year in high school. Year two I plan to apply for U.T.I and take P.E. electives and art electives to widen my range in possible outcomes for my future. Year three I plan to work and make as much money I can for one year and save for an apartment or maybe just save for future purposes. Year four I plan to go to a military college to study law enforcement until I receive a master so I can then apply for secret service. Year five if I fail the secret service training it would automatically seclude me from any chance of becoming secret service so I would then apply for the C.I.A.  
              Year one: My junior year.   I realize that my grades are more important than most things at this age. At this age of 16 I have to do two things go to school, and pass. In order to pass I will not pay attention to being the cool kid or being a sports star. The main courses I need to pay attention to are math literature and science. Above all things I must do my best on the acts. To do great on my acts I will seek the help of mentors, take act prep classes. I must focus on the act as much as I can afford to without going insane from so much studying.   This year is key for the progression of my success.
              Year two: My senior year. This year, just like junior year is very important. I need to stay focused so that I can get into the college of my choosing. The great thing about this year is that I will have much more room for electives such as art and physical education or band. I hope to take more physical education classes in preparation for secret service training. Also I would like to end my high school years on a good note so that I can come back to my school to help with events and alumni groups. I would like to join as many sports as possible so I can build up a reputation as a team person for future careers....

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