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50 First Date Review

  • Submitted by: Flapflap
  • on October 19, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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The movie the 50 First Dates started off with a young male (Adam Sandler) (this review was done by and belong to A.P.G.Y. from UCF) whose desire was just to work with animals and have relationships with many women. He was suddenly challenged with this one particular woman in a breakfast bar. He seemed lucky as he got a chance to introduce himself to her after catching her attention. Sandler’s character kept seeing the woman (Drew Barrymore)(this review was done by and belong to A.P.G.Y. from UCF) consecutively and approached her as if everything was normal the day before but then realized she did not know who he was at all. She looked at him with complete confusion and even tried to get her friends to attack him. She was completely serious to the fact that she had never seen this man in a day of her life. (this review was done by and belongs to A.P.G.Y. from UCF)
According to the movie, Barrymore’s character was suffering from a memory loss called Goldfield’s Syndrome. This occurred when she was involved in a cow farm accident, leaving her in a coma for a couple of months. Throughout her months of recovery she ended up having permanent lobe damage to her brain. Since then Barrymore’s character couldn’t retain any new information.   Goldfield’s Syndrome realistically is called Anterograde Amnesia. Anterograde Amnesia refers to loss of memory from an accident.   Barrymore’s character was only able to remember things during the day and after sleeping through the night when she wakes up would forget what took place the day before.   She could only remember moments before the day of the accident.   Her family had to lie to her every day and convince her that it is October 13th but what took place before the accident.   It was her father’s birthday on that day and all she did was replay that day whenever she woke up. She read the same old newspapers, at the same time, ate the same exact (this review was done by and belongs to A.P.G.Y. from UCF) breakfast every morning. Her...

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