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7 Organizational Approaches Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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Week 2 Homework
Since the human body is such a complex system there are several approaches to study the human body.   Those approaches are broken down into seven organizational categories.   Those categories are, body cavities, quadrants and regions, body planes and directions, anatomy and physiology, body systems, medical specialty, and microscopic-macroscopic. Each of these seven approaches are key in getting a full understanding of the human body and how it works.  
Body cavities tell us which part of the internal body that is being looked at. This is a very general area kind of like looking at a city on a map. Quadrants and regions have the same purpose as body cavities except that they refer to the outside of the body.   Body planes and directions are very specific and they are used to describe the exact position and location just like a GPS device would.   Anatomy and physiology refer to structure and function.   Anatomy is structure and physiology is function.   When you are looking at the structure (physiology) of a body part it can often give you its function (anatomy).   Body systems are a single organ or a group of organs that perform a specific function.   This single or groups of organs will work together with other tissues or structures in the body.   Medical specialties are doctors or studies that focus on a specific body system.   They know how that system functions, how to keep it healthy, and what disease and/or disorders may affect them.   Lastly, Microscopic to macroscopic.   These two focus on every single cell that makes up your body.   Microscopic deals with atoms that form molecules, to molecules that form cells.   Atoms, molecules and cells are things that you cannot see with the naked eye.   Macroscopic deals with tissues that are formed from cells, organs formed from tissue, and body systems formed from organs, all of these are what you can see with the naked eye.
When you want to study a specific organ or system such as the brain or...

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