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A Book Essay

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For example, when US President George W Bush used the word 'crusade' to
describe the US-led   campaign against international terrorism, the conserva-
tive Muslims in the Middle East and South Asia responded immediately with
a call for jihad, to the effect that both sides are currently locked in a painful
and   traumatic   recollection   of   the   200-year-long   confrontation   between
Christians   and   Muslims.   As   a   result   of   the   unfortunate   or   possibly
intentional   use   of   these   terms,   Muslims   in   different parts   of   the   world
have become agitated. To every metaphor or symbol that one camp has at its
disposal, the other can respond immediately in kind. One side may be seen to
be preparing for an air war with state-of-the-art aircraft and smart bombs,
while the other proclaims its readiness through a bearded man on horseback
wielding   an   assault   rifle. This   in   itself   is   a   compelling   image,   evoking   the
Muslim   warriors during the   Crusades defending Muslim   land   against   the
invading hordes from the West. Each word, symbol or concept used as part
of the language of war is loaded with historical meaning and emotion that is
hard to measure unless the protagonists' culture and history are thoroughly
Carl Gustav   Jung, the   Swiss psychologist,   called the   deeply   rooted   and
commonly shared feelings that are evoked as a result of this kind of rhetoric
the 'collective consciousness'.   'Utilized towards specific goals, this can serve
as   a   powerful   instrument to   drive   a   people   to   commendable   activities   or
heroism,   or   move   them   to   destructive   behaviour   at   critical   moments   of
human society   or   community.'36 Once unleashed, these collective   emotions
are very difficult to contain and can possibly be directed along a destructive
course.   In   the   light   of   11   September   2001   and   other   terrorist   acts   that
followed   it, it is all too   evident that bin Ladin's rhetoric,...

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