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A Brief History and Analysis of Operating Systems

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A brief history and analysis of operating systems
There are many different operating systems offered by many different companies. The two main companies to provide operating systems are Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft owns Windows and Apple own MAC OS X. There is also Linux which is, in general, a free operating system which varies with different "distros".
Windows 1.0 came out in November of 1985. It could perform only vary simple tasks and lacked user-friendliness. It included tools such as a calculator, calendar, card file, notepad, clock, and telecommunications programs. Various forms of Windows were released up until Windows 95 (released in 1995), which was a big step towards modern computing. Windows 95 included internet capability as well as enhanced multimedia capabilities. The OS (operating system) has had many updates but the two most important (and recent) are XP and Vista. XP focused on the "experience", while Vista (a continuation of XP) focused more on security. Windows is now working on “Windows 7” which seeks to further enhance Windows Vista, primarily by trimming down its use of system resources.
Apple began with the “Apple 1” computer in April of 1976. There was no user-interface making it difficult for people to use. The “Apple Lisa” has a graphical user interface enabling a larger audience to be able to operate it. Apple finally evolved their software into MAC OS X. Their current version is MAC OS X 10.
Linux is a free operating system. It was created by Linus Benedict Torvalds. Though not many people use it, it is an exceptional operating system. It can be argued that Linux is one of the most secure operating systems. The only problem with it is its compatibility with commercial software such as Microsoft Office. It is generally used more for servers than personal computers, due to its low consumption of system resources. There are many different versions of Linux. Though they all rely of the same basic code, people have modified it to...

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