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A Brief History of Fdr Essay

  • Submitted by: Steve41896
  • on October 20, 2013
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F.D.R. promised a New Deal for the Citizens of the United States. This New Deal was the name for his economic recovery plan. The day after his inauguration he closed all banks and the stock market to prevent them from failing even more. In his New Deal were many programs to help restore the economy, some of the programs still exist today. The Agricultural Adjustment Act was created to help farmers by providing crop subsidies to reduce production, and it also included educating farmers by teaching them methods that will help prevent soil erosion. The Tennessee Valley Authority was created to give jobs to men by making them build up the Tennessee Valley area by building dams and giving power to the area. The Civilian Conservation Corps Sent men to work camps to perform reforestation and conservation tasks, it helped remove the surplus of workers in the cities, and provided money for families. The Social Security Act provided pensions, insurance, and aid to blind, deaf, disabled, and dependent children who could not work.   The Glass-Steagal Act created the federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; the F.D.I.C provides federal insurance for individual bank accounts, to prevent people from losing their savings like many did because of the Great Depression.
  By the time of his reelection campaign, unemployment, which was around 25 percent during his first year, was down to about 15 percent. In the 1936 presidential election F.D.R won by a landslide. F.D.R was very popular due to the improvements of the economy and unemployment issue. Not as many acts were passed in his second term, but the Fair Labor Standards Act, which created the minimum wage, was passed. It was during this time that fascist leaders Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco came into power. This caused fear all over Europe, but F.D.R. and the United States took masseurs to remain neutral and stay out of a War. The United States at the time did provide aid to China in the Sino-Japanese War. In...

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