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A Chaotic Day at Work [Descriptive Essay]

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: English
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Descriptive Essay
Martika Williams
Professor Torres
September 10, 2012

Following the aroma of vanilla oils, wild berries, and jasmine water lilies, I found myself walking into a zoo of madness. I see clothes hanging off racks like monkeys swinging on vines and children running through the store like lion cubs at play. The buzzing from many different conversations and the thumping from the rain cascading on the roof, I was convinced of the never ending shift ahead of me. Between the mile long lines of parrots and the smell of all of our fragrances mixed together, I was getting a head ache.
Similar to a bear on camp ground, the customers shuffled through the drawers carelessly without any remorse. They open a drawer, use one item to pull everything forward, and then cram all the merchandise back in the tight compact space. Children were running like chickens with their heads cut off, while their parents destroyed what use to be folded and organized. As the rain slowed down, people started to rush in order to make their way to nicely vacuumed and well-polished vehicles before the storm started once again. The pitch black walls with a splash of pink unhinge the unlikeness between mischievous and angelic. Unable to make decisions based on want and needs, the lines formed a D for disaster.
“Beep, b-beep, beep, b-b-b-b-beep…!” The cashiers were scanning rapidly with untimed rhythms to get the lines down. The rippling sound of footsteps echoed throughout the store as the customers made an attempt to keep their positions in line. Managers were at the front coordinating the smooth flow, making sure everyone is directed to a cashier at their turn. We would shout, “May we please help the next guest in line?” The constant flop-flop-slop came from the flap door that the associates used for checking stock for customers. As the jet faded behind the blooming volume of mixed conversation, the noise somewhat resembled the sound from the smooth landing of a helicopter....

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