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a Day In The Life Fo Alex Sander Essay

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A Day in the life of Alex Sander
Problem Statement:
  1. How can Sam Glass channelize and bring out Alex Sander’s competencies so that he can contribute more effectively to the progress of his product team at Landon?
  2. In what ways can Landon Care Products Inc restructure their   performance appraisal methods such that it can help employees achieve their highest leadership potential?
External Analysis
PEST Analysis:
  * European companies entering into the American skincare and beauty segment.
  * The takeover by a European company brought in changes in the work culture.
Job requirements of a Product Manager
  1. Synchronization and coordination of various departments.
  2. Comprehensive overall knowledge.
  3. Broad professional background and varied skill set.
  4. Intuition is required to an extent.
  5. Attention to detail.
  6. Should be able to mentor and develop the team.
  7. Ability to optimize the potential of all individuals in the team.
  8. Should be respected by the team.
  9. Should give the team members freedom to demonstrate their skills.
SWOT analysis for Alex Sander
  1. Intrinsically motivated person.
  2. High intellectual ability and a sharp mind at work.
  3. Highly creative and aggressive.
  4. A Quick learner.
  5. Ready to take up challenges and identify opportunities.
  6. His tirelessness to take up work and his multi tasking ability.
  7. A focussed, goal directed person.
  8. His broad managerial perspective.
  1. Not a people’s person.
  2. Highly impatient with others.
  3. A bad temper that is highly de-motivating for others to work under him.
  4. Micromanages to a great extent.
  5. A competitive nature that make team members feel insecure in his presence.
  6. Inability to delegate work and trust others.
  7. Doesn’t appreciate others’ work.
  8. Arrogant and very critical in his assessment.
  1. His...

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