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A Doll's House Essay

  • Submitted by: blahhut
  • on February 19, 2012
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A Doll’s House
In the play A Doll’s House Nora, the wife of Torvald seems to act like a child in a world with no worries at all. She seems not to have any knowledge of the outside world around her. She thinks that and her husband are so well off and everything is in arms reach of her husband who has recently become the manager of a bank.  
The marriage of Nora and Torvald reminds me much of a spoiled child and a father whom does nothing but spoil his child rotten. Nora seems to do nothing but beg for this or that while not understanding how her reckless spending could put her family into more debt. She for one has already gotten herself into a tremendous debt with a man who seems to care nothing about her well-being or even her family’s social standing as a whole.
In the last scene Nora decides that she should leave her husband because she is not and has not been happy throughout their eight year marriage. She feels as if she was nothing more than a doll to her husband, Torvald. He looks upon her as a child and as a possession that he own strictly for the up keeping of his social standing.
Nora will not be able to survive on her own because she has never been into the real world. She has been living an imaginary life where everything has been handed to her and she too starts to realize this because for once she has realized that she and her husband have not had a “serious” conversation during their eight years of marriage. She notices that she has been playing this role to keep Torvald happy and maintain her sense of “self” which she understands is not the real her by any means. In the last scene when Torvald has learned of the wrong doing his wife has done he goes ballistic. He yells, and calls her derogatory words. He seems to be more concerned with social scorn than for his wife who has done what she needed to do for her sick husband. Torvald cares nothing of why she did what she did but only that he will be scorned socially. It looks as if he is...

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