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A Doll's House Essay

  • Submitted by: mernaelkahly
  • on October 19, 2013
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A Doll’s House is a three-act play written by Henrik Ibsen. The play is significant for its critical attitude toward 19th century marriage norms. There are many themes in A Doll’s House; it depends on how each and everyone sees the play from their own perspective. Some would say the main theme of the play is honesty, love, sacrifice, money, respect and reputation, symbolism, relationships, society, etc. In my opinion, I think A Doll’s House theme is based on “appearance and reality”. In the beginning of the story Nora is portrayed as a selfish, childish girl who was treated as a doll, and didn’t have responsibility. Then she showed when Torvald was sick that she was capable of working and had control over situations , towards the end of the story she strikes out as a fully developed woman, on the other hand Torvald, for all his faults, appears to be a loving, and generous husband. But we later find out he is a control freak, shallow, vain and a selfish man concerned mainly with his public reputation, and too weak to burden any problems. In the beginning of the story we thought the Helmers marriage as a happy loving couple, but in the end we found that their life and personalities towards each other were all lies, which lead to Nora’s actions. Krogstad also appears to appear to be a bitter and merciless man until he is reunited with his true love, Mrs. Linde, when he becomes more merciful and generous. Mrs. Linde first strikes us as self-sufficient, but we learn that she feels "empty" now that she has no one to look after. Dr. Rank also reveals that he doesn’t come for Torvald, but the true motive for his daily visits is he is in love with Nora. The most revolutionary part of the play was that Nora abandoned her husband and children which was not common or acceptable in their society.
Marriage is a forever commitment between two individuals to love one another but marriages don't always have the fairytale happy ending. Nora and Torvald do not have an equal...

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