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A Hopeless Debate: Conformity vs. Individuality Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Below is an essay on "A Hopeless Debate: Conformity vs. Individuality" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A Hopeless Debate: Conformity vs. Individuality
There is no doubt that every school in America has a main goal of providing what they think is best for their students. I truly believe that state education and student individuality cause much of the tension in public schools. All schools want to achieve the same goal of building a good student. The argument of conformity vs. individuality in schools across America is very significant because almost everyone has a different opinion and there are many unique clarifications. There is no right answer to this argument. In most cases, I believe that having a high standard of individuality would be the best option for all students to go on and achieve their life goals.
As a junior in high school, I have been through the majority of the necessary 12 school years, and I have experienced similar procedures with regards to mandated courses vs. being able to make my own choices.   I find myself asking whether or not mandatory classes are going to teach students to think for themselves on how to blend in with conformity and obey authority.   In Source A, Gatto begins by asking his audience a profound question, “Do we really need school?” Of course, this may sound impractical; however, he does not mean that kids should not get an education.
State education and student individuality are what cause much tension in public schools. It is in the schools’ best interest to balance these ideas and not lean towards only one, and not have a school only based on conformity or individuality, but a school that balances both of these.
There are mandatory classes that are set as a basic system so as to have standard classes for everyone, since everyone must learn the same things, i.e. math, reading, and science. Indeed, all of these are important subjects that should be learned, and skills that will be used throughout one’s life, but most students are not going to be in need of all of the same classes as other students require.   It is a...

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