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A Household Chore Essay

  • Submitted by: Clsgregory1
  • on October 20, 2013
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A household chore I do everyday is laundry.   When it comes to doing laundry, the first thing I do is go through all the bedrooms and bathrooms and gather all the clothes, towels, etc.   I then throw them on the floor in front of the wash machine.   As I am sorting the laundry by jeans, towels, and cottons (this is T-shirts and socks), I will put the stained items to the side, spray some stain-out on the stain, and lay the item flat on the dryer.
      I always do towel first.   So I load the towels into the wash machine, pour in a capful of detergent, turn the knob to the setting of my choice, pull the knob, close the lid and wait.   After about 30 minutes, the wash machine is done and I take the towels out of the wash machine, which takes time since they are wet and heavy, and put them in the dryer.   I will throw a fabric softener in the dryer, set the timer, close the door, and start it.
      After the dryer is going, I will load the jeans into the wash machine.   If there are any towels on the floor that didn’t get washed, I will put them in it as well.   I pour in a capful of detergent and close the lid.   I set the timer to where it needs to be and go on to something else until the dryer is done.
      My dryer will stop when it is done.   This usually takes about an hour.   I get the clothes basket and my daughter pulls the towels out , emptying the dryer.   She then takes the basket of towels to my room where they will sit until I fold them.   While she is taking the towels to my room, I take the jeans out of the wash machine and put them into the dryer.   I throw in a softener, set the timer to about an hour, shut the door, and start it.
      I will pick up the shirts and socks and put them in the wash machine.   I add the detergent, set the timer, shut the lid and start the wash machine.   I then go to my room and start folding and putting away towels.
      When the dryer is done, Emma pulls the remainder of the towel and jeans out of the dryer and into the...

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