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A Man Called Bee Essay

  • Submitted by: abyla214
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: History
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Abraham Burgos


My reaction to what I just saw is that It’s very interesting to see how a civilized person
who can actually infiltrate into an uncivilized village, then again this is what he study for and
what he likes to do for a living. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds; for him to get accepted by this
kind of people he would have to do couple of things first. He had to learn their language, learn
their culture and the most important thing would be he had to bring in different objects for them.
He showed them and gave them the fishing hook. This got him accepted by them faster;
it’s amazing how just what you bring in to them will get you to be liked by them. Then again it
makes perfect sense; it’s like now, when you go visit someone you bring something to them, for
instance a wine or a cake. I see that it is very difficult to get along with another culture that is not
the same as yours, and especially with people that have different beliefs. I feel that for
him to do this and keep on doing this he would actually love what he’s doing, and be very patient
with this kind of people who don’t know our language. They also have to be very patient with
him as well. It seems that it’s very hard to learn a new language, specially their language that
they spoke. In my opinion, I would also go and study this kind of people’s culture, beliefs and
the way they lived. Because it is amazing how another culture lives and how they survive with
just what they have and what they make with different things. Like in the film, there are different
tribes and every one of them is different. A good quote is “it’s always good to know where
you’re from, but it’s better to know where you came from”. In addition, this film showed us how
these villagers are and lived, without this kind of documentation we wouldn’t even know how
they lived or survived or how to understand them. I guess it’s a...

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