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A Really Hard Ay Essay

  • Submitted by: cbvm0210
  • on January 5, 2013
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A really hard day

I was waiting for the school bus. Something was wrong. The bus did not arrive yet. It should have arrived 20 minutes ago. I called the bus driver but he said, “Oh, the time is 7:45 am not 6:45am.”
It was August 24, the first day of the new school. I woke up at 5:30am, took a shower, ate breakfast and packed my bag. With a feeling of expectancy and thrill, I went to ride the bus. As I went through the rain I felt something weird. There were barely cars and people on the street. However, our school had moved to Chum-Dan and I thought that it would take a long time to arrive at school. After listening five music, which is about eighteen minutes, the but still did not arrive. So I called the bus driver and said, “Aren’t you suppose to be here?” As I expected, he said, “Are you already out? Oh, I think I sent you the wrong time. It is 7:45am, not 6:45am. I am sorry.”
I was really mad and dumbfounded hearing what he said. Obliged to time, I went back home, and waited till the time past. I went to the bus stop very exhausted and tired. The bus exactly arrived at 7:45am. Glancing at the bus driver I took my seat. I was a little bit nervous. All the people in the bus were staring at me as “Who is that boy? Is he a new student?” As I took a seat I immediately wanted to sleep.
The bus arrived to the school. It was a new building. It was really big, nice, clean and good place to learn. As I followed the other students, I went to the third floor. From the help of Mr. Shane I got to my homeroom class. I was surprised when I went to the classroom. I thought I had arrived early but everybody was there except me. The first thing I needed to do was introducing myself to the class. Because I was tired and exhausted I couldn’t understood some questions when Ms. Stark, my homeroom teacher, asked me. As time passed by I was waiting till the school was over. However, the time was ticking really slowly and the situation got worse. I thought the teachers were...

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