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A Review of the Other South

  • Submitted by: cpufreak1234
  • on November 12, 2012
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The Other South is, as author Carl Degler bluntly states in the opening sentence, “a book about losers.” The losers, of course, are the white Southern dissenters of the “nineteenth century who stood out against the prevailing views and values of their region while remaining there.” Degler effectively paints an image of a portion of the southern demographic that is most times overlooked not only by providing solid facts, but also personal accounts of those that actually fought for the liberation of slaves and the continuation of the Union. Regardless of one’s personal perceptions or learned facts of the Civil War, The Other South and its combination of first-person accounts alongside second-person analysis creates a potent argument all its own regarding the South and its dissenters, splicing both the emotion and ideology dwelling within many Southerners, sometimes complimentary, sometimes conflicting. The book focuses on the challenges faced by not simply one or two persons, but rather an expansive collection of people from all walks of life “in an attempt to show what it was like to face a choice between nation and region,” and does not ignore the fact that it was also a standoff “between individuals and the majority.p5” Degler follows these people throughout their internal and external battles beyond the Civil war on through the Reconstruction to show who “these Southern opponents of slavery” were, why they objected “to so Southern an institution,” and what “their arguments reveal about them and the South (p.10).”

      Faced with a group like the Southern dissenters, it would be all too easy to paint them as justified, righteous heroes or martyrs and to focus on how much better things would have been had people simply listened to them and accepted their points of view. After all, this is often a commonplace image advocated by those most outspoken and passionate regarding the former Confederacy’s legacy, even in the most scholarly and intelligent of mediums....

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