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A Story Essay

  • Submitted by: 13cheungjn1
  • on February 20, 2012
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One day, Sakura and Hakura were folding cranes. “Let’s try to fold around 1000 cranes. That way we could get good health,” said Sakura. Hakura agreed. They were up to   20 altogether, when a boy popped into the room. The two girls looked at him and instantly got butterflies in their stomach. “Hi, I am Ichiro. I just moved into this neighbourhood. My parents just got a job. Do you live here?” Both girls were so surprised that they couldn’t say a word. Hichiro looked at them and knocked on the door again. Sakura stood up. “Hi, Ichiro, I am Sakura and this is my sister Hakura. We are both 10 years old. How about you?” “I am 10 years old too. Let’s continue your folding cranes. I know how to do the complicated kinds,” says Ichiro.

2 hours fly by as they folded paper cranes in silence. At last, they finish folding. “Let’s go to see the sumo wrestling,” says Hichiro. “Okay, Let’s put these cranes into our box first.” says the sisters in unison. Ichiro laughed, and then cut short. The two sisters and Ichiro put all their cranes into a box, and then walked to the sumo wrestling. They started cheering. Soon after, Sakura slowly slipped her hand into Ichiros’. Ichiro didn’t notice, so he continued cheering. When the sumo wrestling finished, Ichiro asked Sakura, “Why did you put your hand into mine?”. Sakura blushed, and said nothing. Ichiro said “I am going to go back home. Bye,” and he left without another word.

Hakura and Sakura then took an oath to never, ever notice him again. Both of them agreed that they were too young. Hakura’s shoelaces were tied. A week passed. Sakura and Hakura went to the Sappora Snow Festival. “Wow, look at that   castle!” said Sakura. Hakura said nothing, as if she was hiding something. “Come on, why do you sulk as if you lost your smile?” said Sakura. “Look, I got a secret. I can’t tell you otherwise you will be hurt and won’t speak to me for the rest of your life.” Sakura took Hakura’s hand, and then they walked over to a bench and then...

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