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A2 Coursework Essay

  • Submitted by: rebeccacodling
  • on January 8, 2013
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I agree with ‘Rory’s essay’ that Lear has both bad and good in him, he plays both the villain and the victim in the play this is what makes him a tragic hero, it also helps the audience relate to the characters and have a bigger effect on them because not everyone is all good or all bad.

One of the most violent and gruesome parts in the play is when Gloucester has his eyes pulled out, this is foreshadowed earlier on in the play as we know Gloucester’s eyes are useless however   if Gloucester has eyes or not we still consider him blind to the truth and reality. Gloucester highlights the lack of perfection that accompanies being human, he has made a terrible error but has suffered for it at a great length this makes Gloucester a tragic hero. Gloucester feels so guilty that he wants to commit suicide, this offers a bleak vision of life for Gloucester clearly and this gives the audience great fear and sympathy towards Gloucester. He has lost all hope and sees no point in going on. Aristotle said drama excited the audience’s emotion of fear and pity and this is a prime example of that.   When   Gloucester is about to commit Edgar still remains in disguise, in my opinion I believe this is to teach Gloucester a lesson in future but it is only to help his father. This relates to the saying that no matter how much we suffer we can always have someone to relieve our pain’. In the end we see that Gloucester learns to endure.


Another example of this is in Act 1 Scene 1 when Lear performs the love test and become outraged with his daughter Cordelia however there is a moment of hesitation when Lear decides to banish Cordelia from the kingdom and marry the king of France which gives the audience a glimpse of hope that Lear will reconsider banishing Cordelia. Cordelia and Edgar both find themselves in the same situation. They both truly love their fathers unlike their sibling’s. Andrew Green says “Cordelia, by contrast, the youngest of...

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