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Aba I Case Study of Bobby

  • Submitted by: CalebFire101
  • on August 18, 2015
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Bobby, Jackie & Emma's Behavior Modification Study
Robert Tier
Kaplan University
Applied Behavior Analysis I
Professor Harla B. Frank, MS, BCBA
July 16, 2015

Bobby, Jackie & Emma's Behavior Modification Study
Bobby, Jackie & Emma all exhibit behaviors that have been observed, and measurably have a form of bad behavior that requires new behaviors that are good targets for change. Their behavior modification will assume a set of consistent rules that will be defined, observed, and measured, as well as designed to the effectiveness of the interventions presented. Their behavior should be maintained, changed, or shaped by the consequences of that behavior. Although there are certain limits, such as temperamental or emotional influences like Bobby always being in a state of “disarray” and Jackie’s “phobia” of being bitten again by a dog as to Emma getting mad and throwing big “tantrums”, each “case study” would probably function more effectively under the right set of consequences such as: Rein-forcers that strengthen behavior and Punishments that weaken behavior. All three “Case Studies” would benefit from the appropriate behaviors that can be managed and changed by their consequences of behavior. The intent of this paper is to map out the behavior modification techniques of Bobby, Jackie and Emma in how their behavior is managed through consequences of the use of a multi-step process. Their problem must be defined, usually by count or description, in designing a way to change the behavior, and to identify an effective reinforce-r and apply that reinforce-r consistently to shape or change the behavior of Bobby, Jackie and Emma.
Case of Bobby
Miltenberger (2007, p.6) “In behavior modification, the behavior to be modified is called the target behavior”. Bobby is an 8 year old boy with a room that is always in a state of disarray and is reminded frequently by his dad Mr. Kelly, to clean his room. Mr. Kelly would like to...

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