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Abc Company Essay

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It happened two years ago.I went home with my classmate after school at about 10pm.It was really late and the street gradually became quiet.We were nervous so that we talked with each other to relieve our terror.
  When we went by a clear grassland near my home,a strange man came up to stop us.He asked us to give hime some money.We realized that he was a robber and certainly ran away.But things were not so simple.He stopped us secondly and pushed my classmate to the wall. At the same time,he put his right hand into his pocket as if he wanted to take out a knife.We scared to death but we didn’t give in.We insisted that we hadn’t any momey even if we had some. Suddenly,my classmate’s phone rang in pocket.The man began to rob the phone.My classmate and I kept our hands on the pocket in order to protect our possessions.We screamed from the top of our lungs to get help but nobody heard.
  We were in a stalemate about two minutes.I didn’t want my classmate’s phone to be robbed.I was about to give in and gave the man some money to settle down.But my classmate struck the robber with fist bravely.The man fell down and give up.At last,he asked us to give him 10yuan to go home.We agreed and then went home quickly.
  On the rest way home,I was still frightened.I was surprised that my classmate had learned kickboxing.I was thankful that his kickboxing had saved us.I thought we were the companions in adversity.

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