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Abc Company Essay

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Importance of Ethical Decision Making

B1. Name and discuss two actions that the company could take to increase the likelihood that ethical decisions will occur regularly.

First of all, managers should take accountability for establishing and maintaining stipulations where individuals act ethically and reduce circumstances where individuals may become desirous to act unethically.
There are a few practices that generally stimulate unethical behavior in companies.   “Giving unusually high rewards for good performance and unusually severe punishments for poor performance (enotes).” “By eliminating such factors, managers can reduce much of the pressure that people feel to perform unethically (enotes).”

By seeing one person get rewarded, others may become more aware and the ethical behavior would “trickle down”.   With increased ethical behavior and morale, turnover may decrease as people are satisfied in the workplace.   Job candidates may be attracted to our company,   with ethical and productive behavior, our company may see an increase in revenue and savings.   These funds could mean greater wages or other benefits for employees.

Second, a business ought to develop a code of conduct outlining ethical values along with conduct being practiced in within the business. Through written and verbal understanding a code of conduct should be communicated to all staff while getting repeated if needed. Ethics need be established with every aspect within the business plus, the ability to make decisions through continuous support of standards within the business.

B2. If the company creates and puts into place a code of ethics, what would the positive results   look like?

Uniformity-for some people it would give them something to believe in. For others it would raise their standards or challenge them to embrace diversity

Honesty – Permits conversing openly, deferentially, and avoids distortion.

Diversity - disseminates a functioning atmosphere that welcomes...

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