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Abc Simulation Essay

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Simulation Project
CITM 501 –
Simulation Project
CITM 501 –

Executive Summary
ABC’s number one goal is to provide exceptional customer service, so that is why they required our service to make their process more efficient. ABC receives request through phone, email and texts over the web and due to expansion are concerned if they can handle all their requests in time. ABC would like us to show them the best feasible option by deciding how many help desk staff to assign to each shift. ABC prefers that their staff do not multi-task so their clients are top priority and it is there policy to serve whoever contacts them first. Keeping the customers satisfied is a very crucial aspect to ABC’s business, as poor customer service can lead to loss of business and shrinkage of the volume of business from existing clients.
After relentless research our team our team has come to a conclusion and would recommend that ABC should run three shifts and have 1 employee per shift as this is the best financially feasible option. We calculated their total weekly cost to be $1,877.11 of which $1,800.00 was for labour and $104.11 for delays. Having two staff per shift would decrease the delay expense by nearly $100; which is not nearly a large enough decrease in cost to justify adding another employee.  

As the graph shows below, by having one employee per shift would sustain a cost of $1,877.11 which is the lowest from all the other options. We tried different variations of employee per shift such as having 1-1-2, 1-2-1, 2-1-1, 2-2-2 and several others and we realized that three shifts with 2 employees per shift would obtain the highest cost $3,607.68. Further metrics were added for further analysis such as Work Load and Downtime. It must be noted that the model by default, if both Employee One and Employee Two are available to take a request, Employee One automatically take the request. Over the course of a week, the highest...

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