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Abe Lincoln Essay

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  • on August 6, 2015
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Lincolns Metaphors helped a great deal. McPherson includes many of these in his book to show how wise Lincoln was, and to show how he could relate things to one another in order to get his point across to his listeners. An example of
this is his story about the shepherd, the sheep and the wolf. “The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd. In his early years, we learn of Abe Lincoln’s childhood, full of poverty, as he was surrounded low-class society. Living in this pioneering family, Abe Lincoln wasn’t given a good opportunity at a healthy education, cultural activities, and communicating with the society around him. However, Abe doesn’t let these restrictions shield him from the true life he wants to lead. Early in life, Abe’s cousin stated, "He’ll never come to much."(Carl Sandburg, Abe Lincoln Grows Up, page34) Abraham proved this statement very wrong when he "outran" his predestination and became a great figure in American history. Abraham grew up quickly under the guidance of his father, Thomas Lincoln, and his two mothers, Nancy Hanks and Sarah Bush Johnston. These three role models, as well as his surroundings, had a great influence on his life. One aspect of Abe that shows his true determination and drive to make a difference in his lifetime, is his yearning for a good education, which he himself provides.

Abe matured fast, and made his way into manhood. He took on an active and contemplative lifestyle. He soon took the form of a country-bumbkin hero resembling Paul Bunyan. Abe began working as a ferryman for Offut, and during which uncovered one of the biggest obstacles of his life. It was during Abe’s ferry trip to New Orleans when he saw his first slave-auction. This was a major turning point in Abe’s life due to the fact that it opened up his eyes to the world around him and put that goal for change into his mind. Abe showed his emotions towards slavery when he said, "If I ever get a chance to...

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