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Abortion Essay

  • Submitted by: yivanova
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Yevgeniya (Jane) Ivanova
Introduction to Health Services

Is Abortion Still a Safe Medical Procedure?
Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. It is one of the most common medical procedures but it also causes the most issues from all points of view such as social, religious, and medical. I would like to talk about the issues of abortion today as well as the issues of the past.   Before going into the details of abortion itself I would like to mention the causes of abortion.   Unfortunately many of the pregnancies that happen are unplanned and unwanted; in fact about 38 percent of pregnancies are unplanned.   22 percent of the unplanned pregnancies are aborted. The reasons why women abort are that they are not ready to become a parent, they can’t afford a baby, they don’t want to be a single parent, they don’t want anyone to know that they had sex or are pregnant, they don’t want any more children, the fetus could have potential health problems and/or cause health risks to the mother, they are a victim of rape, they live in a culture that only accept boys or girls so if they have the other they will need to get rid of it, and lastly the women’s family and/or partner are forcing her to have an abortion. ("Alan Guttmatcher Institute") Abortion has not always been safe or legal. It has been illegal in almost all of the United States from 1800s to 1973, so many women had “back alley” abortions done by unprofessional which resulted in illness, injury, and death. In 1973 the Supreme Court finally legalized abortion in all 50 states so that a woman can have it for any reason. About 93 percent of abortions are done for social reasons. (McBride 1-27)
First I will mention some of the religious opinions of abortion. The main question that is being asked repeatedly is “When does life really begin?” Some say life begins after birth and some say it begins in the womb and if that is the case then aborting a fetus is considered murder. The Bible says that God recognizes a...

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