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How are relationships presented in Private Peaceful?

Private Peaceful to understand the brutal nature of war and the enormity of the bloodshed experienced by the young
characters and how the theme of conflict affects them.
Many relationships were formed and bonds between friends and family grew stronger as conflict ripped the country apart.
Conflict affects all the characters in some way within the novel, more so with the brothers Charlie and Tommo. It is the initial news of war breaking out that makes Tommo realise that their relationship will chance forever. He says that ‘the war was breaking us apart’ and as a result, would change their lives forever.

Charlie’s father-like relationship towards Tommo is continued right till his bitter end where he looks after Tommo and refuses to “leave him”. He comforts Tommo when he is injured during one of the battles knowing full well that if he refuses, he will be punishable by death. He puts his brother first, like a father would his child. Here the reader ultimately is made to realise the unconditional
Molly. Like a son, he obeys what his brother (his now father figure) tells him to do. Tommo even states now Charlie is the “bravest brother in the world” and how he is “so proud” of him. The writer’s intention was again to reveal how their relationship was special and went beyond the boundaries of a normal brotherly relationship.
The relationship between Tommo and Molly is very complicated because of the negligible love triangle which writer has used an oxymoron to reveal how complicated and full of emotion Tommo was. This affects the reader because it makes them realise how Tommo is sacrificing his love for Molly for his brother and the relationship they had. It reveals how insistent Tommo is with his emotions.


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