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Academic Dishonesty Essay

  • Submitted by: that1kid
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
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Academic Dishonesty

The definition of academic dishonesty is doing things like cheating or lying. Last week a current event was due in Ms. Tubiolo’s class and I didn’t do one. One of my friends was printing there current event out and I asked them could they print one out for me and they did. I turned my current event exactly the same as my friend knowing that it was a stupid idea. Ms. Tubiolo noticed that we had the same exact current and event and now I have after school detention. The reason I did what I did was because I didn’t want my current event to be late. I also cheated because my parents were saying that they were proud at the fact that I was doing well in school and I just wanted to continue making them proud. I hadn’t heard that from them because of the work have been doing is the past quarters of school. What I did wasn’t worth getting me and my friend in trouble. I apologize to my friend and Ms. Tubiolo for turning in work I didn’t do and trying to take credit for it. I made my parents really mad at me and to make them think that I have cheated more than once before. I treated my parents wrong by doing what I did they do everything for me and all I do is make them mad at me. Ms. Tubiolo isn’t stupid and knows when someone is cheating and I deserve what she gave me. I want to continue making my teachers and my parents proud of me but I am starting off on the wrong path. I’m not going to cheat anymore because this one thing has caused a lot of trouble and consequences for my actions. From now on I would rather take a late grade on an assignment then go through this all over again. I go to school to learn new things each and everyday but I can’t learn anything from copying off of another student’s homework assignment. Ms. Tubiolo is a grown women and isn’t stupid and for me to believe that she wasn’t going to catch me was stupid. Earlier in the school year my teachers and my parents knew I could do better than what I was doing I know and now I am...

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