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Accents Between British and Americans Essay

  • Submitted by: jbhall317
  • on September 19, 2012
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In this technological age when you can chat online with so many different people from different countries and backgrounds you would think that the fascination with different cultures wouldn’t be as big of a deal. In actuality the fascination has heightened, celebrities from different countries and with foreign accents have created a huge buzz.  
There is an article in the Crimson White that depicts a girl experiences as she moves from England to Alabama and has her first experiences with what most would call a clash of cultures. In the article she speaks a lot about accents and how from different cultures you create slangs and you pronounce words differently than how another culture would. Many of her fellow students realize automatically that she is not from Alabama when they hear her speak and words are pronounced differently and she gives off speech that is closer to an old English version of speaking. Throughout the article Lucy talks about how if she said certain southern slangs such as “Roll Tide”, it doesn’t give off the same effect as it would if a southern person were to say it because they have more of a twang to their force than she does with her “Queen of England” accent.
Not only do accents differ throughout different countries but also different areas of the United States. People that are from the northern states speak differently than those of the southern states. Going off to college you realize this even more when people are constantly asking you where you’re from because they hear your accent and are intrigued to know more about where it came from and the background of where you live and the culture you grew up with. Some of us grow up in bigger cities where we are around different cultures and are able to blend all the cultures together into our everyday lives. Some people, like me, grow up in smaller towns where any knew idea or accent is easily noticed and is very intriguing.
When you hear a different accent or notice a different culture...

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