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Active Bandpass Essay

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Active Band Pass Filter
As we saw previously in the Passive Band Pass Filter tutorial, the principal characteristic of aBand Pass Filter or any filter for that matter, is its ability to pass frequencies relatively unattenuated over a specified band or spread of frequencies called the "Pass Band". For a low pass filter this pass band starts from 0Hz or DC and continues up to the specified cut-off frequency point at -3dB down from the maximum pass band gain. Equally, for a high pass filter the pass band starts from this -3dB cut-off frequency and continues up to infinity or the maximum open loop gain for an active filter.
However, the Active Band Pass Filter is slightly different in that it is a frequency selective filter circuit used in electronic systems to separate a signal at one particular frequency, or a range of signals that lie within a certain "band" of frequencies from signals at all other frequencies. This band or range of frequencies is set between two cut-off or corner frequency points labelled the "lower frequency" ( ƒL ) and the "higher frequency" ( ƒH ) while attenuating any signals outside of these two points.
Simple Active Band Pass Filter can be easily made by cascading together a single Low Pass Filterwith a single High Pass Filter as shown.

The cut-off or corner frequency of the low pass filter (LPF) is higher than the cut-off frequency of the high pass filter (HPF) and the difference between the frequencies at the -3dB point will determine the "bandwidth" of the band pass filter while attenuating any signals outside of these points. One way of making a very simple Active Band Pass Filter is to connect the basic passive high and low pass filters we look at previously to an amplifying op-amp circuit as shown.
Active Band Pass Filter

This cascading together of the individual low and high pass passive filters produces a low "Q-factor" type filter circuit which has a wide pass band. The first stage of the filter will be the high pass stage...

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