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Adage Essay

  • Submitted by: sccraven85
  • on November 13, 2012
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An Adage to the Wise
Have you ever heard, or read an adage? If you have heard, or read an adage you probably get the impression that they are giving some advice. Adages are meant to give advice. But often you will find an adage that you may disagree with.   I looked up a few adages, and found one with good advice. The adage I found is by a famous man by the name of Benjamin Franklin. The adage goes as followed “ Creditors have better memories than debtors.”   This adage presents a great argument; some may say it is the other way around, meaning the debtor would have the better memory.
I agree with the adage, I believe that the creditor would have a better memory than the debtor.   The way I look at it is if you are the creditor you are going to have a good memory because you have invested something that you would like returned from someone. (Debtor) The debtor wouldn’t have a great memory im assuming because of human nature. What I mean by human nature is that it is normal to not want to pay someone back or return a favor though it is morally right.
A great example of how the adage is accurate is this, when I turned 16 years old I wanted a new car. Most 16 year olds cannot afford a new car, so where do they turn you might ask, there parents! I told my dad if he would buy me a car I would pay him 100 dollars a month until the car was paid off. He agreed to the deal making him the creditor, and myself the debtor. The deal was I would pay him on the first of every month. Every time the first would come round he was sure to remind me I had to pay him that day.   I would very rarely be the one to remind him, the reason for that is due to me being the debtor.
The adage offers good advice in my opinion, and could be applied in just about every ones life. So any time you see or hear the adage “ Creditors have better memories than debtors” you will know that Ben Franklin said it, and think of the point I made about how the creditors memory is usually better than the...

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