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Adantages of a Cellphone Essay

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The ubiquitous cell phone is a wonderful invention of technology, making our lives comfortable and happy. It has broken the barriers of communication and enabled us to establish contacts with the people all across the world like never before. From what it was initially — a luxury available only for the rich/high profile people — it has transformed itself into a necessity over the years for the common man. We can see a mobile phone in the hands of people ranging from a CEO to a lower division clerk and from a big businessman to a labourer or hawker.

Since the dawn of human civlisation man has been creating things to
meet his needs.
Mobile phone is one such , portable electronic device. They are now
inexpensive, easy to use, and comfortable and equipped with almost every
latest feature we desire such as calculator internet games camera and
many more.
They are also known as lifesavers as they can help people in
emergencies. For instance disaster response crews can locate trapped
or injured people using the signals from their mobile phones or the
small detonator of flare in the battery of every cell phone; and for
students also they are equally applicable.
These myriad wonders are created for good not to be used in the wrong
way. Understanding its real worth may reduce its misuse.

According to me mobile phones are a boon to this developing hectic world. With the help of mobile phones communication has become more and easier as well as faster. Now we are able to call a person anywhere in the world from the place we are already present. Due to the new developments in these mobile phones we able to get internet access, update flash news, listen to music as well as hear radio news. Nowadays we don’t have to go to those café hubs to browse anything important. All that we have to do is just go on browsing in our mobile phones. If we are bored we can listen to the music stored in the memory card which we use in the mobile phones. Just go on...

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