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Add a Tax or Relax Essay

  • Submitted by: youssef4872
  • on January 8, 2013
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Youssef AbouelNour

Add a Tax and Relax?

      When the topic of world issues is brought up, people usually discuss poverty, violence, child labor. What about obesity? This has become a growing issue worldwide, especially in the United States, and it has not yet been resolved. Recently, as mentioned in the Times articles “Taxing Sodas for a Healthier Economy” by Barbara Kivlat, a number of states have initiated a tax on sodas, which is said to encompass almost three hundred of the daily calorie consumption of the average American. Obesity increased in the past century and scientists have concluded that without soda, an average American would be about two point three pounds lighter every year. Imagine twenty years of such a number! I agree that taxing soda should be carried out, more conveniently in other states, in order to reduce the risk of obesity and ensure a healthy society with reduced soda purchase.

      Taxes have been raised to a penny per ounce of sugar in soda, which, as studies have shown, reduced the amount of soda purchased and consumed by an average American. It also increased company revenues by billions of dollars. The tax money not only helped with the reduction of empty calorie consumption, it also was used for construction of public works (such as schools) and for formation of campaigns to raise awareness of the issue of obesity to the public. In a few states so far, this method has been a success. I personally believe that maybe in a century’s time, an increase in tax yearly would reduce soda consumption especially that the economy is going down and people will try to reduce purchase of unnecessary items as much as possible. Additionally, with the creation of newer, healthier, non-taxed drinks, people will quickly move to the alternative. The following quote, “a penny-per-ounce tax on soda could be expected to reduce consumption thirteen percent eliminating about eight thousand calories annually from the typical American’s diet” proves...

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