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Adjustment Bureau Essay

  • Submitted by: emilianneshute
  • on September 20, 2012
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The Adjustment Bureau: “Predetermination vs. Firewall”

The Adjustment Bureau is a movie about the predetermination of an individual’s life versus their freewill to make the decisions for their own future. A group of men believe that without them society would fall apart while David Norris, the main character, believes that all people have are the decisions they make. One may believe that nothing is set in stone that everything happens when it happens because of chance and not destiny, but then others live by the phrase “everything happens for a reason”.   Davis Norris is one of those people who believe life happens all by chance. He doesn’t think for one second that his life happens the way it happens because of a group of men controlling it. He’s always been a determined individual. He always worked hard for the things and positions he had earned in life. It wasn’t until Norris walked in on the group of men in their line of work. He discovered that they erase and fix the minds of people; they make things happen that he thought only happened because of the current situation not because it was meant to. It wasn’t until David fell in love with a women that he wasn’t going to let get away. His future didn’t call for them to be together, they actually were never meant to see each other ever again. He was determined to do whatever there was to do to keep her in his sight up until the chairman, or boss of the men, revealed to him that if he stays with her both their dreams will be destroyed. He then leaves her until three years later when he finds out she’s engaged to marry her ex fiancé. Harry, one of the men from the adjustment bureau reveals to David that if he really wanted something to happen bad enough he could go against everyone else’s beliefs on how society works. When he finally proves to the bureau that he will do anything and everything to be with her he gets a rewrite in his future. Along with me, Norris believes that all we have is what we choose and if...

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