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Adolescent and Anger Essay

  • Submitted by: zrollie
  • on September 21, 2012
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Every adolescent will go through and expresses some form of anger in life.   It is a healthy and normal way for an individual to react when their emotionally are managed efficiently. However, being anger all the time may be a sign of some type of mental, physical, social, legal, or emotional problems if not controlled properly. Often anger difficultly is one of the subjects which bring an adolescent in for treatment, either on a court order or voluntary basic. According to Charlesworth (2008), anger is defined as “an acute emotional reaction elicited by any of a number of stimulating situations, including threat, overt aggression, restraint, verbal attack, disappointment, or frustration” (Chaplin, 1985, p. 27) (Charlesworth, J. R. ,2008).
Adolescent aggressive anger can come from the result of a tragic event from childhood or it could be a genetic. An infant is unable to communicate their feelings in an appropriate manner; therefore he/she may have difficulties in show how they may deal with their anger. This may be because of they may not have develop their skills or may not have never been taught how to handle their emotions.
According to Charlesworth (2008), Rational-conduct procedures are differentially integrating an extensive change of developmental practices in handling anger problems. They are: 1) Self-confident training. Prior to juveniles are trained behavioral self-confident abilities, they are often trained the variance between non- violent, self-assured, and assertive manners. In addition, any rational alterations or illogical views delaying positive performance are changed (Lange & Jakubowski, 1976).2) Homework tasks. Juveniles may be selected to be involve in self-observing of their feelings and/or actions, keep a log of when they get anger, exercise or participating in new activities, or partake in biblio-therapy. 3) Relaxation training. Juveniles can be shown how to decrease by using a variability of modalities with step-by-step relaxation...

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