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Adopt an Element Essay

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Adopt and Element Essay
The year is 2268. Over the past few months Silver has started to mysteriously disappear. At first we just could not find any veins in the mine sites, but eventually things became more… complex. Silverware began to deteriorate, mirrors cracked, and power was lacking. My colleagues and I tried to go to the solar power plants to check the situation of the solar cells, as silver is a main component, but we were not able. Our cars wouldn’t start. Without Silver how would we live? How would we adapt?
At first there were simple solutions. We couldn’t use a car so we rode bikes. We couldn’t use electricity so we used gas. However, people began to notice certain things and thus, turmoil broke out. Water filtration systems no longer worked. The bacteria ridden water was making thousands of us keel over in pain. But the worst result was the disappearance of jewelry. My wife has been nagging me nonstop for hours. She expects me to be able to magically fix the silver and put it back into its original state. Maybe if she stopped bickering with me constantly I would be able to work on a solution. But I digress.
The medical applications of silver were what affected us the most. Without silvers bacteria fighting characteristics, bacterial infections began to become common. People are scared, but we have other antibiotics. We will have to make those more effective, but, eventually, they will be able to adapt and have peace of mind
With silver now gone our way of life has changed. Life will be harder for a while, but it is not the end of the world. Adaptation is what makes us, the human species, so special. The ability to adapt to any situation, now isn’t that a beautiful thing?

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