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Adsjfalk Essay

  • Submitted by: invasa
  • on August 22, 2015
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Assignment # 2

Christo vs. Cathedrals

After I got through reading this assignment and watching the video I have to admit that I was even more confused than before doing all this; the assignment seems to bee to different even to compare. But then I thought to myself, that art is so unique in every aspect, and that it’s seen in so many ways that there is definitely some similarities between these two categories.

I guess you can say that among the similarities that you can find between these two sets of art pieces would be the size of each. The gothic cathedrals are architectural marvels that are so complex and luxurious that seems as a figure out of this world, something that belongs to the heaven itself. The same with Christo’s art seems to be so big and obvious, how he wraps these multiple objects of huge proportions. Both of them also have and exotic aspect, interesting how the words exotic and church go together, but in those days in which the church was so powerful and they had so much money, it was all about showing it, about being the bigger, the better, the most luxurious.   Same as Christo’s art, the way I can describe it the easiest is “simple beauty”; it just seems to be that whatever he wraps looks even better.

On the other hand you have the differences, starting with the use of imagination. A gothic cathedral pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s all about the beautiful shiny gold and concrete structures, and then you have Christo’s work, which leaves a lot to your imagination. What is under the silk? What is the true art, the time spent on it? The actual object underneath, or is it the beauty that is created by silk and ropes? You also have that Christo is a pioneer in the art of wrapping these architectural marvels, pretty much he is the only artist that has taken this form to these levels. On the other hand you have the Gothic Cathedrals that seemed to flourish all the way from the early 1800’s. It got to a point in...

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  • Submitted by: invasa
  • on August 22, 2015
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 387 words
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