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Advantage and Disadvantages of Having a Small Family Essay

  • Submitted by: MadLam87
  • on October 18, 2013
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Advantages and disadvantages of having a small family

According to the Office of National Statistics in England, there has been an increasing change the recent years, in how many family members the average family has. It seems to be that the families are getting smaller.
What can be the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family?
(BP) First of, a small family has its economic advantages. A small family doesn’t need to use a lot of money on food, clothes, water bills, energy bills, spare time activities and maybe gas. The food intake isn’t the same in a small family as in a big family. While a big family might use a couple of thousand kroners on food, a smaller family can manage on just thousand kroners. The reason is clear; it isn’t as many mouths to be satisfied in a small family. Further on; the consequence of being a small family is that they don’t need the same amount of clothes as a big family and the energy costs and the water use will be lower, since they are few to take a shower, using electronic articles and maybe they have a smaller house which doesn’t need that much of energy to warm up.
(BP) A small family can benefit both children and parents. First of all, families consisting of a father, mother and one child will have lots of time to spend together in addition to a family consisting of 3 children and parents. That one child can have its parents full attention instead of sharing it with other siblings, also sibling rivalry is less likely to be a problem. Spare time activities can be easier for the parents to follow up, since they only need to concentrate on that one child’s activity and need. Besides, that one child might have a great education and job, because its parents were able to follow up and help with homework and studies.
(BP) Caring for a big family can be stressful. While big families have a lot on their weekly schedule, a small family might have less to do in their weekly schedule. The more children they have, the more...

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