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Advantages and Disadvantages Paper-Based Containers

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Amber Kramer
Professor Mousel
Wee 3 Assignment
27 Jan 2013
Week 3 Assignment
There are many factors to consider before choosing the type of container such as, strength of the product being packed, its weight, the value of the product, and whether the package will be subjected to moisture or other adverse conditions.   If a firm faces uncertainty in how much protection their product needs, then they should choose a stronger shipping container.   Choosing the right container is essential in the successful shipment of a firm’s product through the supply chain distribution.   A firm can choose between, wood-based, plastic-based, or paper-based shipping containers.
Wood-based shipping containers have been used to manufacture shipping containers for hundreds of years. Wood is primarily used for pallets, pallet boxes, crates, and wire bound containers (NEFAB).   Like any other shipper container, wood has certain advantages and disadvantages.   Some of the advantages that wood-based container off are as follows; wood can be customize into any shape or size with the aid of hand and power-driven tools. Wood is extremely durable and does not corrode.   Wood has excellent insulation properties because of its fibrous structure and quantity of entrapped air (NEFAB).   Wood is very sturdy and does not bend offering more protection to a firm’s product.   Compared to shipping containers made of other material, wood is bulky and may take up extra space when being stored.   Another disadvantage of wood-based shipping containers is moisture sensitivity.   Wood can change and warp when there is a change in humidity.   A firm may also be subject to extra costs because they will need to hire skilled laborers to build and assemble the wood-based shipping containers.
Plastic-based products have many benefits but the one that stands out the most is cost saving.   Plastic-based shipping containers can be reused which will reduce waste and the firms packaging costs (INFORM).   Plastic-based...

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