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Advertising & Promotion Essay

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Advertising is a paid form of communication with an aim of influencing people to act or think in a particular way. Most of the ads are aimed at persuading the viewers to buys the goods and services that are offered by them (Green, 2012). Advertising is both an instrument as well as a socio cultural institution and the perception is highly dependent on how others view this. But advertising and marketing plays a pivotal role in the better performance of any industry or organisation.
Role of advertisements in integrated promotional strategy
Advertisements along with other promotional messages are highly required for selling both services and products along with any other intention including promotion of causes, marketing political candidates, and also to send a message on how to deal with the societal issues. Integrated promotional strategies now use all sorts of promotional techniques starting with television ads to iPad broadcasts. It can be said that the impact of advertisement on promotional strategies can be divided into different ways (o'Guinn et. al, 2012).
Information and persuasion: target audiences are informed about the features of the brand and the benefits of their product through advertisements. Advertisements are highly capable about revealing the value of the brand to the audience. It helps to make the process of branding easier.
Introduction to New Brands or Brand Extensions: Advertisements play its major role when a new product is introduced into the market. The extension of a brand is also about accepting a new brand in to the new product area. Advertising and integrated promotional strategies attracts the attention of the brands to the audience to the extent that researchers promote the notion of allocating advertisement budget.
Maintenance of brand loyalty: Having loyalty of the consumers is one of the major assets that a firm could ever have. Brand loyalty happens when the customers prefer the products of one firm over...

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