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Affirmative Action Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Francheskya Jones
September 11,2012

Affirmative action debate reflection

Affirmative action considered to be revers racism. It was made to create diversity among the nation.   Affirmative action affects how people run their business and who people learn and work with. Affirmative action is important because minorities may not have had a chance in life if it was not created.
Affirmative action is a great contribution to this wonderful nation. When it was created affirmative action was to make minorities equal with whites and give them the same chances as the whites. How ever people like Joseph Phillips say affirmative action is not a way to fight racism. He says affirmative action is revers racism because whites get less of a chance to get work or get into college because people are trying to fell “diversity quotas.” Mr. Phillips stated and I quote “ Racial preferences enhance and firm up negative stereo types about black intellectual capacity and academic abilities. What Mr. Phillips does not know is that minorities include other races, genders,and religions and not just blacks. Blacks of today have the mind to get the grades to go to college and the mind set to get a job so do not say it enhances negative stereo types because if you think that you must be one of those people who say those negative things. With that being said   I understand that affirmative action is causing problems within this nation but you do not have to get rid of it completely. In order to appease everyone the government can simply re-write or make a law to keep things balanced by that I mean make it where other things are also taken in to consideration like experience, grades, etc. . If the government do this they can fit everyone's needs and no one will get the short end of the stick.   Do not take away the one thing that helps out all minorities racism is still out there and this protects them if it ever happens.

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