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After Apple Picking Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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In Robert Frost’s “After Apple Picking”, the narrator has the task of picking apples and as he is picking them he grows tired and wishes to sleep. The poem continues on and he talks about how many apples he has picked and if he should let them fall they become useless. He begins to sway on his ladder and become even more drowsy, the comments on how his sleep will be are posed and he contemplates what kind of sleep it will be. Robert frost uses imagery and diction to portray the narrators uncertainty about the nature of his sleep. The thematic concerns in “after apple picking” are the narrators fundamental problem of the type of sleep, by using imagery to portray the uncertainty of the sleep and the phrasing of the title to help depict the existential dilemma of his sleep, Frost creates the internal struggle between the apple picker and his concern over the task and the type of sleep he will have after he is done. In “after apple picking” the narrator is looking through a sheet of ice he “skimmed this morning from the drinking trough”(11), and he cannot see through the ice because it is clouded and not an actual “pane of glass”(10). This is a visual representation of his struggle to know what type of sleep he will have because he cannot see what it will be until he wakes up. As he finishes looking through the glass he comments on how “it melted” and how he “let it fall and break” (13). This action reinforces his drowsiness from the apple picking, the action of letting something fall with out attempting to catch it portrays how tired the narrator is from the task. His exaggeration of the amount of apples also lets the reader know how overwhelmed he is by his apple picking. He comments on the “load on load”(26) of apples coming in and goes as far to say “ten thousand thousand”(30) to reinforce that the apples seem to be never ending which makes his efforts even more futile and makes him doubt why he started the task anyways. This imagery portrays the distress the...

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