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Age of Guitar Strings Essay

  • Submitted by: Mythicus
  • on October 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Age of Guitar Strings" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Most of us know this already, but some of you might still be unclear on exactly which string is which.
This information is for 6 string guitars only, not 4,5,6,7,8,12, etc. stringed instruments.

If you're not sure that you own a 6 string because strings are missing, just count how many tuning pegs there are.

How to find the string numbers:

pick up guitar as you would to play it.
the string closest to the ground is string number 1.
It should be the thinnest, highest pitch string.
the string closest to the ceiling is string number 6.
It should be the thickest, lowest pitch string.
string diameters should gradually go from thick to thin
(ceiling to floor, low to high in pitch, the string numbers from 6 to 1)
This method will work whether you hold your guitar left or right handed. (right handed is the most common)
NOTE: Most guitarists refer to string #1 as the top string, even though physically it is on the bottom.
We say this because, MUSICALLY it is higher in pitch.
For the same reason, the 6th string is the bottom string because its the lowest sounding string.

The string names:

NOTE: Don't be fooled by the way I ordered the strings. This is not a mirror image of your guitar. The strings are written in this order for musical reasons and it's the standard TAB way of writing them.
string 1 = high E   (highest pitch, thinnest string, closest to ground)
string 2 = B      
string 3 = G
string 4 = D
string 5 = A
string 6 = low E   (lowest pitch, thickest string, closest to ceiling)
The name of the string also represents what note it sounds. Ex. To play a B note, just play the 2nd string open.

How to buy an individual string:

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