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Aging Essay

  • Submitted by: jgodsey
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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People that age are all the same                                                         1

Are people who age all the same? With this kind of stereotyping, Health Care

will be affected. In my opinion, people who are the same age are not the same.   I

have observed in my experience as a registered nurse that not everyone responds to  

illnesses the same.   People may be of the same age, but differ in the mental and

physical abilities. In the past I have cared for patients with same diagnosis, but

respond to treatment differently. Some older or even younger adults may have

weaker immune systems. As a result some patients may be discharged home earlier

than others.

The quality of care that a patient receives has changed over the years. The

Physician is no longer in control of how their patient is treated.   Insurance

companies have changed that over the years. I can remember when I first started

working in a hospital setting a patient could stay in hospital as long as the physician

felt was necessary.   That is no longer the case. Insurance companies will only pay for

a certain amount of days for a particular diagnosis. Therefore the quality of care a

patient receives is not what it used to be. Patients are discharged home earlier,

resulting in readmissions to the hospital.

The stereotype that older persons are naturally in ill health results in

misinformation. Some health care workers will make a difference in the quality of

care provided to the aging adult compared to the younger adult.(Ageism in America,

2005,p.26}. I feel as though if we do not improve quality of care more rapidly, our

health care system   will not be prepared   to deliver health care in the future.

People That Age Are the Same                                                                                                       2


Greengross, S. ( Ageism in America, “Healthy Ageing-Myth or...

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