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Agression Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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Corey Reedy

Evolution of Aggression
Aggression comes from the primal instinct of a human. Throughout the lifespan of humans aggression usually rises then climaxes at the middle age and slowly dips back down. Like other forms of behavior for humans, especially males, it establishes dominance and maintains the humans survivability in the enviroment. Most of the time, the enviroment itself will depict on how far aggression will be reached. For example, an enviroment with alot of food and alot of resources that there isnt much competetion for will more than likely have a decreased amount of aggression in the are. On the other hand, in an enviroment with scarce resources to fulfill survivability will have a dramatically increased chance aggression.

As far as social behavior goes, in the primal era, say the stone age for example,   will show an increased amount of respect from others, if the person himself can maintain dominance and survivability. Also, aggression usually comes in a combo pack of being easily angered. However, in today's world, aggression does not really get you no where. Your social life will probably go down the drain and meeting a companion may be harder then usual, especially with the combination of anger that comes along with it.

Aggression can usually be treated by any type of anger management class, because in the class it talks about what sets you off to be angry, comes along with an over-bearing amount of aggression. So in todays world of anger management, it is usally broken into parts that cause anger, such as aggression. Today there isnt really much to be aggressive for due to the goverment we posess right now, an economy gives everyone a chance to partake in combat

During later ages, the amount of aggression usually decreases due to the lack of energy or physical confidence that you can back up what you aggress. This true as well for people back in the stone age.

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