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Ai in the Futere Essay

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Artificial Intelligence
4th Period Honors Biology

John McCarthy, who created the term artificial term in 1955, defines it as the science and engineering of making intelllgent machines. AI has been in popular culture for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed in myths such as Talos of Crete or the bronze robot of Hephaestus. Lately, the last century, with Artificial Intelligence becoming such a reality many movies and books have been based on AI starting to think on their own and taking over. Modern scientists have started to create robots that can show emotions, such as Kismet, made by MIT that had rudimentry social skills.
The idea of artificial intelligence has intrigued humans for millenia. In ancient China Yan Shi presented the king with mechanical men. In ancient Greece and Egypt mechnical statues were believed to be capable of wisdom and emotion. In 1863 Samuel Butler suggested that evolution applies to machines as well as humans and that one day will become conscious. The first functional AI program was written in 1951 by Christopher Stracy and was a checkers playing progam.
Such technology has grown exponentially over the last 100 years. The ultimate AI would be   copy of the human thought process, a man made machine with intellectual abilities. The idea is that the robot will learn from observation and then realize that if it does that it will get the desired result. For example, if an AI robot saw someone walking, the robot would learn that if it moved it legs like that it would be able to move forward. Kismet is an example of a robot that interact socially. Kismet reconginzes human body language and responds appropriately. An example of articifial intelligence that anyone with a cmompter and an internet can use is Cleverbot. Its where you chat with a robot that learns from previous conversations with people.
While there has been lots of advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence there are still some problems. As humans we use fast intuitive...

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